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Donation Questions

Q: Do you accept used donations?

A: Unfortunately, no. Stuffed animals and the like are unable to be properly cleaned and may contain



     Many of the children who receive these baskets have only had 'hand-me-down' or second hand     

     items. The items provided in the Baskets of Joy Project baskets are new.

     We will accept large, colorful, like-new Easter baskets that were properly stored.

Q: What kind of candy do you accept?

A: Baskets of Joy only uses candy that is individually wrapped, in its original outer packaging, and that

    is peanut-free

    If we receive bulk items (like a large bag of Jelly Beans) or peanut containing candy, those items are

    delivered directly to the shelters to distribute to children that are confirmed not to have peanut


Q: What do you do if you have left over donations?

A: Any donations received in excess are either stored for next year or distributed to area children in

     need. For example, in 2019 there were approximately 50 containers of bubbles left over. A local

     hospital's pediatric unit received those bubbles to use by children with respiratory disorders to help

     strengthen their lungs. No donation is wasted.

    Financial donations in excess of what is immediately needed to make the project a reality are saved

    for next year.

Q: Where do the donations come from?

A: Baskets of Joy is a project  for  the community by the community! The majority of our donations are

     made by members of the public who purchase items and deposit them at our donation drop-off


     Local businesses, schools, and churches also collect items for our project and donate funds to allow

     Baskets of Joy to provide Easter baskets to as many children as possible.

Q: Who can receive a basket?

A: Baskets are delivered directly to recipient organizations. Baskets of Joy covers all shelters in

     Kenosha and Racine county and numerous outreach organizations. See our 'About Us' page for an

     up to date listing. We do not provide Easter baskets directly to individuals.

    Our baskets go to children ages 3-11 that are currently living in shelter or involved in our

    community's outreach organizations.

Egg Hunt Questions

Q: Who can attend the Easter egg hunt?

A: Our Easter egg hunt is open to everyone. Our hunt is for children of all ages and all abilities. It is

     physical need and Autism/sensory friendly. 

     If your child has a need that makes it difficult for them to participate in other events, please

     reach out so we can find a way to make this event fun for everyone!

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: There is no sign-up for this Easter egg hunt. All children can participate. This is a large event and it

      starts promptly (see our 'Get Involved' page for details). Each event uses over 12,000 eggs and is

      growing every year. Please contact us if you have a large group (like a class) who will be


Frequently Asked Questions

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